Becoming a member of The Cookie Co. 831 is simple. Just drop by the shop with an original copy of your Prop215 Recommendation and a valid California State ID.

Acceptable state issued ID’s include:

  • a valid California Driver's License or State ID
  • an expired California Driver's license, State ID with a temporary California ID DMV slip
  • any out-of-state Driver’s License or State ID with a temporary California ID DMV slip
  • a valid US Passport with a temporary California ID DMV slip (NOT THE RECEIPT; MUST BE A VALID TEMPORARY ID ISSUED BY THE CA DMV)

If you don’t have a current Prop215 Physician’s Recommendation, you may be able to find a doctor in your area here. Although recommendations issued by any licensed doctor are acceptable, choosing a doctor that offers 24 hour verification will reduce the time it takes to process your application.


If you already know what you're looking for, you can become a member of The Cookie Co. 831 and order right away for in-store pick-up by signing up below!


Do you want to designate another individual to pick up your medication on your behalf? Print out the New Member with Caregiver Application instead! This application will allow a maximum of one person to receive and transport your medication for you. They must be over 18 years old with a valid California State ID.

During their first visit to the shop, Caregivers will be permitted to enter the sales floor with the main patient to establish your product preferences, but subsequent visits must occur individually, with either the Caregiver picking up, or the Member.

Patients under 18 years old will need a Caregiver to receive their medication.

are you a vendor?

If you are a vendor and you are interested in selling your product, please fill out the form below. Expedite your process by visiting the shop and dropping off samples and any testing and pricing information you may have. Vendors are only seen by appointment. Our Inventory managers will contact you if they are interested in your product. 

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By SCLabs, Steep Hill, or other testing facility.